Clothe Yourself in Love

Dreams are powerful, especially when you get a "visit" from someone you desperately miss. This dream, complete with a hug and hope, was from February of 2017.

 Thank you, Heavenly Father!

Your gifts are priceless.

Your knowledge of what I need is amazing.

Thank you for rescuing me...again!

Last night, I got to hug Rhett!

It was real, and my heart is so full this morning.

In my dream, I had not seen or talked to Rhett in 28 days. He was at a camp and unable to communicate. I was headed to a competition at a local school, and when I drove up, there were five high school boys sitting on the concrete steps in front of the school. I realized that the two farthest away from me were Ryan and Rhett. Ryan saw me first. He smiled and nudged Rhett because he knew I was about to attack Rhett with hugs since he had been gone so long.

Rhett looked my direction and jumped up. He was wearing the long sleeve blue and white shirt of Ryan's and the pair of Ryan's turquoise shorts in the picture below. He didn't really match, but he looked cool anyway. That is just who Rhett is!  This was funny because when Rhett was alive, he would say that he was going "shopping" in Ryan's closet at least once a week. Ryan was always good natured and let Rhett shop with minimal irritation or complaining. That is just who Ryan is!

Rhett circled behind the boys and began running toward me. He was laughing and his dimples were showing. He was handsome and he had continued to grow since his death. He was bigger and stronger. He grabbed me and hugged me. It was a Rhett Hug! He was so happy to see me.

I woke up. I snuggled in my bed and replayed the hug in my heart over and over again. I woke Jimmy up and told him. The dream was a blessing; a gift that God knew I needed. I am so grateful! I told Ryan this morning at breakfast and he smiled. I found the clothes of Ryan's that Rhett was wearing and took this picture. It made me smile.

Three things I learned from my dream:

1. God knows what we need AND when we need it. He is faithful and His timing is perfect.

Matthew 7:11

2.    It doesn't matter if your clothes match, if they are borrowed, or how they fit. What matters is that you are clothed in LOVE!

Colossians 3:14

3.   A hug is a such a meaningful treasure. Be generous with your hugs and don't take hugs for granted.  Be sure you realize the importance of wrapping your arms around the people you love while you still can!

Rhett Jett- Thanks for the hug last night! I will stretch that hug out for a very long time! It was magical! I love you!