March 23, 2021

Notes of Hope Instructions

One simple and meaningful way to support a person who is grieving is to initiate a "Notes of Hope" mail-out. These easy step-by-step instructions can help coordinate a mailbox full of hope, love, and support for someone who is grieving.

Lorna Hering

Supporting someone who is grieving doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming. Small acts of kindness mean more than most people realize for someone who has lost someone too early. Our “Notes of Hope” mail-out plan offers an easy-to-follow set of instructions designed to coordinate a “mass” mail-out that offers hope and support to a person or family who is grieving.

The purpose of our “Notes of Hope” mail out is to show people who are struggling with a loss that they are not alone. The number of people invited to participate in a mail-out can vary, and sometimes it is beneficial to divide family and friends into several small groups so multiple mail blasts can be initiated throughout the first few years of grief. By following the instructions below, a “Notes of Hope” mail-out can quickly and efficiently be set in motion, providing tangible support for someone who is grieving. 

Steps to initiate "Notes of Hope" mail-out:

Identify people who care about the person or family who is grieving or people who knew the lost loved one.  They can be friends, coworkers, family members, church members, classmates, teachers, or other caring people in the community. 

  1. Be sure to provide a valid physical mailing address for the griever. It is important to stress that for a “Notes of Hope” mail-out, a letter or card that the griever can keep is the intention as opposed to an electronic correspondence.
  2. Pick a SEVEN DAY mail-out time frame so that everyone knows when to place the notes of hope in the mail. This will ensure that the letters arrive in close proximity to one another. The goal is for the person to have several days in a row where hope is delivered to their hearts straight from their mailbox.
  3. Copy and paste the following message into a Facebook post, a group text, a letter, or an email. Be sure to fill in the highlighted information to personalize the message. Do NOT send the message to the griever since the goal is to surprise them with unexpected notes of hope and encouragement.

The purpose of this (email, text, letter, post) is to coordinate a “mass” mail-out of hope and encouragement for (name of grieving individual, family, or friend) who is grieving the loss of (name of lost loved one). Losing a loved one is such a heartbreaking experience, and people tend to feel lost and alone in their grief. The goal of this mail-out is to offer love and support by having several people send notes or cards of remembrance, encouragement and hope. Your note needs to be mailed to the mailing address listed below between the dates of Sunday (day/month) through Saturday (day/month). Cards, notes, pictures, written memories, or keepsakes do not have to be elaborate or formal at all. The purpose is to fill their mailbox with HOPE in the form of many different kinds of written thoughts and expressions of support. 

Name: (recipient’s name)

Mailing Address: (mailing address)