Touching His Face

I had this dream one week before the 5 year anniversary of Rhett's death. So much proof of the power and hope we can find when we are touched by Jesus.


One awful accident

Two devastated siblings

Three days after Christmas

Four heartbroken grandparents

Five years ago today

Six feet below the cold, hard ground

Seven months of complete shock

Eight boys carried Rhett to his grave

Nine months I carried Rhett to life

Ten school years; kinder to freshman

Eleven weeks to set the headstone

Twelve months: survived year one

Thirteen months, face it all again

Fourteen, with such a bright future

Fifteen and gone

SIXTEEN: Touching His Face

Early in the morning on December 21, 2021, Rhett visited me in a dream.  In the dream, I knew he couldn’t stay but I was excited for him to come for a celebration. He rode his bike up and ran to me and hugged me twice. He was older than he was when he died. The hugs were old fashion, happy, Rhett Jett hugs. He looked at me and asked how I was doing. I told him that I still really struggle with losing him.

Then he said, “It took sixteen, but I touched His face, Mom. I touched His face!”

I said, “Rhett, are you talking about Jesus?”
He said, “Yes! And Mom, once you touch His face, nothing else matters; nothing else will ever matter.”

I asked Rhett what he meant by “it took sixteen?”... but he didn’t answer.

He just smiled, and I knew that words were inadequate to explain what Rhett had experienced with Jesus.

Before he left, Rhett asked me to find a black sweatband in the bottom drawer of the nightstand in his bedroom and give it to his best friend, Cade Zacharias and to tell Cade that he misses him. In the dream, Rhett showed me what the sweatband looked like.

Then I woke up.

I was so happy from seeing and hugging Rhett. My heart really needed this visit from my boy.

I was covered in peace and overwhelmed by the excitement of one day “Touching the face of Jesus” myself.

And...the sweatband Rhett had showed me in the dream and wanted me to give to his best friend Cade, was REALLY in the bottom drawer of his night stand.


We love and miss our boy.

Five years is just too long.

We also trust Jesus has our boy.

Hering party of 5 forever.